Problems with your neighbours? Try neighbourhood mediation!

Problems with your neighbours can disturb your way of living. People sometimes experience difficulties with their neighbours, for example due to loud music, barking dogs or littering. 

A good conversation with your neighbours might be an option. If this doesn’t help mediation could be the solution.

The main purpose of neighbourhood mediation is to restore the relationship with your neighbours, so you can live in harmony again. As professional mediators we assist you and your neighbours to find a good solution for both parties.

This is how we work

If you experience problems with your neighbours, you can call us. Our mediators will contact you and make an appointment for a visit, so you can tell us your story.

They will also visit your neighbours to hear their side of the problem.

If your neighbours are open for mediation we will arrange an appointment with both parties on neutral ground.

With the help of our mediators you and your neighbours can discuss your issues and try to make good arrangements for both parties.

Our mediators are impartial and operate with a duty of secrecy.

A few weeks after the first mediation our mediators will contact both parties to monitor if the agreements are still in place.

If it turns out the relationship is still troubled, our mediators will consider other options to try to fix your contact with the neighbours.

Neighbourhood mediation is free of cost.